Big SeeMeCNC Hand Alien Chair
Full Name Steve Wygant
Location Goshen Indiana
Company SeeMeCNC
bigalienhandchair.stl163883 kBon 26/8/14 Download
We've all seen the human hand chair (maybe?). Well, I meshmixed this alien hand chair. No, it's not too big to print if your using The PartDaddy giant all metal delta 3d printer. By PartDaddy Aug 26, 2014. Ignore the licensing on this post. This is unlimited unlicensed work for you to use how you like. :)
The PartDaddy delta 3D printer. Hot end lower heat at 240C, upper heat at 100C. Layers are 2mm thick. Extrusion width 5mm. Two perimeter with 20% infill.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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PartDaddy - on 26/8/14
Sorry, you'll need to rotate the model +90 degrees about the x axis.
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