Big SeeMeCNC Post Clock
Full Name Steve Wygant
Location Goshen Indiana
Company SeeMeCNC
seemecnc post clock.stl1721.9 MBon 26/8/14 Download
I designed this post clock with the intention of using a continual spiral vase slice. The faces of the clock provides enough room to mount store-bought clocks that run on batteries. I'm pretty sure I want to print this using clear PLA resin pellets so the inside can be illuminated. Omit the license attached by the website. This is original work by PartDaddy (me). Use this how you like.
For The PartDaddy large format 3D printer, set hotend lower heat to 240C, upper to 100C. There's no heated bed. Print on mask or transfer tape. Speed about 20mm/s. Layers 2mm thick by 5mm extrusion width. Single wall, continuous spiral vase printing.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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