Resin Pellet Hopper
Full Name Steve Wygant
Location Goshen Indiana
Company SeeMeCNC
77731 hopper vacuum adapter.stl162132 kBon 13/10/14 Download
The plastic resin pellet hopper for The PartDaddy large format delta. Holds a one gallon stanley shop vacuum for loading pellets into the extruder I designed. An industrial capacitive sensor mounts on the side near the bottom of the hopper. The outlet fits inside of a clear 2 inch feed tube. The design fits over top of a NEMA 34 stepper motor. I attach NO LICENSE to this file, do what you want to with it. :)
Extruding at 215C out of a 4mm nozzle and 5mm extrusion width with 1.5mm layer height. About 5 hour print took 8 pounds of PLA. I printed 2 perimeters, but I think I could do it with 1 perimeter.
Attribution - Creative Commons
Kelalapse - 1 week ago
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