Rostock MAX v2 belt clamp model
Rostock MAX v2 Laser cut belt clamp.stl346132 kBon 24/12/14 Download
rostock max v2 laser cut belt clamp(offset.19mm).stl26081 kBon 24/12/14 Download
rostock max v2 laser cut belt clamp(offset.19mm).pdf3486 kBon 24/12/14 Download
rostock max v2 laser cut belt clamp.pdf343379 kBon 24/12/14 Download
This .stl model was created from the .dxf file used to laser cut the original melamine wood part. Note: has NOT been test printed yet. model was made same thickness as melamine wood .270" (6.86 mm) model size is 60 x 12.7 x 6.86 mm
edit: added file with .19 mm offset per side to simulate laser cut kerf. this part may fit better when 3D printed. size now is 59.62 x 12.32 x 6.86 mm added .pdf files also, if anyone wants just the vector profile shape.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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