SMT Parts Box
Company The MakerHive
PartsBox_02.stl22449 kBon 24/8/15 Download
PartsBoxLid_02.stl21855 kBon 24/8/15 Download
PartBoxHolder_05.stl21359 kBon 24/8/15 Download
PB_Stand_01.stl22013 kBon 24/8/15 Download
pb15.jpg261835 kBon 24/8/15 Download
pb01.jpg250715 kBon 24/8/15 Download
pb03.jpg238725 kBon 24/8/15 Download
pb04.jpg245761 kBon 24/8/15 Download
pb06.jpg257723 kBon 24/8/15 Download
pb08.jpg262745 kBon 24/8/15 Download
pb09.jpg241697 kBon 24/8/15 Download
pb10.jpg229701 kBon 24/8/15 Download
pb12.jpg2632.1 MBon 24/8/15 Download
pb13.jpg257817 kBon 24/8/15 Download
pb14.jpg253754 kBon 24/8/15 Download
Another MakerHive exclusive! Small boxes to hold SMT parts like resistors and capacitors. These shallow boxes make it easy to pick parts out with tweezers when placing/soldering them on the board. The Parts Box Holder will allow you to hold 5 parts boxes at a time. Each holder can be interlocked together to form any configuration you desire. The Parts box stand file allows you to print feet for the holders if you wish to stand the boxes up.
Print different color boxes for different types of components. For example, I will be using black for Capacitors, Yellow for Resistors, Blue for diodes and other rectifiers, etc Note: only use one foot towards the front edge of the holders as shown so when standing, the holders lead back, keeping the boxes in place. Enjoy!
Attribution - Creative Commons
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