Battery Box For Turnigy Nanotech A-Spec 1300mah 3 cell Lipo batteries
Full Name John Oly
Location Goshen, Indiana
Company SeeMeCNC
1300_turnigy_nanotech_aspec_batterybox.stl108493 kBon 22/3/16 Download
1300_turnigy_nanotech_aspec_batterybox_noeyes.stl10792 kBon 22/3/16 Download
Protective battery boxes are a perfect fit for the Turnigy Nanotech 1300 3S batteries that are popular for minquads and FPV racers. There's two styles, one with the SeeMeCNC blinky eyes and one without. The inside dimensions are 24mm x 34mm and they are 70mm long.
Print in any material and scale to fit other batteries. Also, flexibles would be good as they would help hold the battery in place even better
Attribution - Share Alike - Creative Commons
Kelalapse - 6 days, 16 hours ago
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