Gateway Arch Block Toy
Full Name Harry Hunnicutt
Location Dexter Michigan
Company Independent Contractor
GATEWAY_ARCH_KEYSTONE.stl258598 kBon 29/4/16 Download
GA_ISO_01.jpg29323 kBon 29/4/16 Download
GATEWAY_ARCH_BASE_2nd_500.stl257111 kBon 29/4/16 Download
GATEWAY_ARCH_BASE_CTR_500.stl263101 kBon 29/4/16 Download
GATEWAY_ARCH_BASE_OUT_500.stl257119 kBon 29/4/16 Download
GATEWAY_ARCH_BLOCK_01_500.stl242221 kBon 29/4/16 Download
GATEWAY_ARCH_BLOCK_02_500.stl262200 kBon 29/4/16 Download
GATEWAY_ARCH_BLOCK_03_500.stl262231 kBon 29/4/16 Download
GATEWAY_ARCH_BLOCK_04_500.stl251238 kBon 29/4/16 Download
GATEWAY_ARCH_BLOCK_05_500.stl257262 kBon 29/4/16 Download
GATEWAY_ARCH_BLOCK_06_500.stl263297 kBon 29/4/16 Download
GATEWAY_ARCH_BLOCK_07_500.stl254381 kBon 29/4/16 Download
GATEWAY_ARCH_BLOCK_08_500.stl244461 kBon 29/4/16 Download
Scale model of the Gate way arch/ Scale is 1/500 for the outside profile. The thickness is scaled up from that by 2.5 to make a good block toy. The assembled height is about 15 inches. The outside curve is a "weighted catenary). The equation of the outside curve is at full scale is : y(x) = -A*cosh(x/A) + B. A = 101.47. B = 716.77. There are 17 blocks and five base pieces. It is slightly tricky to assemble, but is stable after assembly. Something here for all ages.
Print. Snap together the base. The bottom blocks fits to the base with tow bosses on the base fitting two holes in each base block. The holes are too small. I used a tapered reamer to get a precision fit to snap the bottom block onto the base. One way to assemble is to stack up each side ah high as you can without it falling over. The assemble the remaining blocks and carefully place these on on leg and then the other. Trickey but not too hard.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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