32 Spool Rotating Wire Organizer
img_0295.jpg1041.9 MBon 15/5/16 Download
pin plate x2.stl9297 kBon 15/5/16 Download
spool arm x2.stl89372 kBon 15/5/16 Download
pin x5.stl86209 kBon 15/5/16 Download
spool x32.stl89358 kBon 15/5/16 Download
pin plate center cap x2.stl95156 kBon 15/5/16 Download
pin cap x10 optional.stl9834 kBon 15/5/16 Download
spool.stl95358 kBon 15/5/16 Download
Here is a little something to help organize. This is a mountable wire spool organizer that holds 32 spools.
Recommend the spool arms infill to be 60% or higher. Each file name shows how many you need to print.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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