Meegopad T2 Fan case
Full Name Daniel B
Location Switzerland
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Case for Meegopad T2 PCB, 80x80x10 mm Fan, mini switch and wifi antenna This case solves the two major problems of this otherwise brilliant stick PC: 1) Overheating causing thermal shutdown 2) poor Wifi performance. Results: -Core temperatures always below 40°C -WiFi throughput ca 4x better than original -No noticeable fan noise (34 dBA at 0.5m instead of 33dBA in my office) Remarks V5: this is a major redesign after 4 units assembled which needs 4 parts less. Assembly is now much more convient: no more hassle with fan and fan guard alignement. There is also an additional opening for USB dongle for HID, so this can be exchanged without disassembly and opening he case. V6: Minor and hopefully final adjustments and tweeks V7: never say final - support rib adjusted
Recommended print parameters for PLA on glass (wipe with acetone / ethanol before print): First Layer bed 75°C, extruder 215°C, 120% fill, 2mm brim Upper layers bed 75°C, extruder 195°C Parts (to be found on Aliexpress, approximate prices): Meegopad T2 (60-100 USD) fan GDT 5V 80x80x10 mm (2.5 USD) resistor 10 Ohm 2W (0.5 USD) mini switch (0.5 USD) 2 screws M4x30 and M4 nuts See images for assembly and soldering. I would recommend using a single 125mm wire instead of the pcb-antenna shown (soldered to ANT pin) Tools: pliers, solder iron, screw driver
Attribution - Creative Commons
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