Whip Clip for HE280 Hot End
Full Name Steve Wygant
Location Goshen Indiana
Company SeeMeCNC
71209 Retaining Clip for HE280 Whip.stl25167 kB7 months ago Download
Whip Clip for HE280.jpg190220 kB7 months ago Download
Whip Clip wSupport.stl14483 kB7 months ago Download
whip clip tight fit he280.stl8280 kB7 months ago Download
whip clip tight fit he280 wsupport.stl12696 kB7 months ago Download
Clip that whip! Retaining clip for the HE280 hot end to keep the plug plugged. Eventually we'll injection mold these and they'll be standard included hardware.
pla/pha would be excellent. I've included both the part and part with manually drawn supports. I made a "tight fit" version with supports that you might want to also try.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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