Another HE280 Whip Clip
he280 clip v3.png49637 kB4 months ago Download
img_20161128_154518.jpg49418 kB4 months ago Download
clip part 1.stl43109 kB4 months ago Download
clip part 2.stl41130 kB4 months ago Download
clip part 3.stl4782 kB4 months ago Download
he280 clip v3.iges42209 kB4 months ago Download
Yes this is a blatant rip-off of PartDaddy's HE280 Whip Clip. It's definitely not as pretty but its easier to print. No supports needed and fast to print. Also the forces on the clip are in or along the layers as opposed to across layers. This means the clip shouldn't break as easily when installing. Of course since it is in three parts it takes a bit of dexterity to install. IGES format included in case you need to adjust lengths for your particular whip.
Just print and snap together in place. I used ABS.
Attribution - Creative Commons
PartDaddy - 3 months ago
Nice 3D Printable version
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