Minimalist mechanical clock
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I have seen this amazing thing and got detail about it.Andy Hudson-Smith and team, of The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at the University College London, discussed the design and construction process of building 3D printed mechanical clock on their blog. Using the MakerBot Replicator 2, the team printed the clock pieces, consisting of cogs and connectors. Each cog took around two hours to print. Meanwhile, the frame sections took around three to four hours to print using the same settings. To demonstrate the clock in action, creators use a 600g weight which requires winding every 48 hours.If anyone want more help for their assignment then they can get it on online resources who provide services like <a href="">Assignment help</a> and others.
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Strahany - 1 month ago
Hi, can't find the STL file for download. Can anybody help me? (first time to this site and have signed up and logged in). Thanks
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