Bowden modification for Greg's Accessible Wade's extruder v3
bowden-gregs-wade-v3.stl482445 kBon 21/8/13 Download
bowden-gregs-wade-idler.stl475195 kBon 21/8/13 Download
gregs-wade-v3.scad50018 kBon 21/8/13 Download
This is a minor modification for Greg Frost's accessible version of Wade Bortz' extruder. It is based on Greg's version 3 and is modified to use 1.75 mm filament, have a wider base with mounting holes for attachment to an OpenBeam rail, accept a 4 mm pneumatic push-fit connector with M5 thread, and have slightly better support for the 608 bearing opposite the gear. The idler is modified to have open topped slots to give the screws a little more room to move without binding.
Print the STL files as-is, or if you want to regenerate them, download the archive for Greg's version (which includes a number of supporting SCAD files), replace the gregs-wade-v3.scad file with this one, and go from there.
Creative Commons - GNU GPL
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