Box with snap on cover for Wemos Lolin ESP32 OLED
20190822_133601.jpg751455 kBon 27/8/19 Download
esp32_oled_cover_param.stl74230 kBon 27/8/19 Download
esp32_oled_box_param.stl73528 kBon 27/8/19 Download
esp32_param_box_v7.f3d716372 kBon 27/8/19 Download
20190822_134031.jpg755460 kBon 27/8/19 Download
This is a box for an Wemos Lolin ESP32 board with OLED display such as you get them from ebay or Banggood for very cheap. I took the internal features from, moved things around a bit and added holes for reset buttons that my board has. Also, this box is designed with a pretty sturdy snap-on lid as shown in this very nice tutorial: It's a bit of a tight fit for the ESP board so it takes a little force to get the board in and out, but on the plus side, it does not move around in the case at all. I also included the Fusion360 file of the project, so you can adapt the design if you need to.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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