PiKon 3D Printed Raspberry Pi telescope
pimoroni mount-2.stl36154 kBon 7/3/20 Download
camera mount.stl32838 kBon 7/3/20 Download
focus knob.stl340100 kBon 7/3/20 Download
mirror base.stl346843 kBon 7/3/20 Download
mirror mount.stl33874 kBon 7/3/20 Download
spider.stl357881 kBon 7/3/20 Download
tripod mount.stl35151 kBon 7/3/20 Download
The PiKon is a 3D printed, Raspberry Pi powered astro-cam. The design was made for Sheffield University's 'Festival of the Mind' to demonstrate what the 'citizen scientist' could do with disruptive technologies like Raspberry Pi and 3D printing. The project attracted worldwide press attention as the first 3D printed telescope and went on to be successfully crowd funded offering everything from components to full pre-printed kits. See our shop for components: www.PiKon.online Full construction instructions are here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fzpx2jpfo1kbolu/PiKon%20Instructions%201.2.pdf?dl=0
Public Domain
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