LaserDock CNC Laser Docking Station B Opt Lasers Grav
6. laserdock cnc laser docking station b opt lasers grav.stl527858 kBon 26/11/20 Download
6. laserdock cnc laser docking station b opt lasers.png530312 kBon 26/11/20 Download
This file contains Part B, which is the female part of the LaserDock magnetic docking station. Once assembled, the resulting docking station can noticeably ease the mounting and dismounting process for engraving and cutting laser heads. The docking station was designed for use with the Opt Lasers laser heads. The same file is originally available from:
If you want to learn more about the capabilities of engraving and cutting laser heads it was designed to work with, click the link below:
Attribution - Creative Commons
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