Laser Air Nozzle 43mm Spindle Adapter
8. Laser Air Nozzle 43mm Spindle Adapter for Opt Lasers Grav.stl985451 kBon 26/11/20 Download
8. laser air nozzle 43mm spindle adapter.png529145 kBon 26/11/20 Download
This file contains a Laser Air Nozzle 43 mm Spindle Adapter, which is a device designed in order to direct the airflow from the fan into the focus of an engraving and cutting laser. Without appropriate airflow, the sample may develop defects such as uneven cutting depth or different colour of the engravement during the laser engraving or cutting procedure. The nozzle is designed to work with Opt Lasers engraving and cutting laser heads. This file is also accessible on the following website:
If you want to discover more information about the laser heads this nozzle was designed to work with, take a look at the webpage below:
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