Rostock MAX easy led light ring.
Full Name Chris
Location west of the big river
Led Light ring strip mount.stl562558 kBon 15/12/13 Download
cableback.jpg62383 kBon 15/12/13 Download
underview.jpg632102 kBon 15/12/13 Download
raisedside.jpg624106 kBon 15/12/13 Download
zerohieght.jpg627107 kBon 15/12/13 Download
Clearance.jpg63881 kBon 15/12/13 Download
I made this ring because I didn't have any loose 1watt leds but I have plenty of the led light strips. So that is what I used. Ring fits on bottom of platform with one extra hole to run wires through. My hot end still has 2mm to surface below the light ring, so I am not worried about impact. Also the light ring as designed only lights the surface of the part and I can look at it without being blinded. Not too much light but enough too see well.
Printed file in ABS, then used the below. and some 20ga 2 conductor stranded wire Led Light Strip 12v 300smd leds (16ft roll) Cut off 3 sections (6") of the roll and then secured it on the inside of the ring with Loctite Go2 Glue (Higher temp tolerance)
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