RostockMAX enclosure
Full Name Tylor
Location West Haven Utah
Company USAF
top_left_enclosure.STL5725 kBon 6/1/14 Download
top_right_enclosure.STL5795 kBon 6/1/14 Download
bot_right_enclosure.STL5737 kBon 6/1/14 Download
bot_left_enclosure.STL5697 kBon 6/1/14 Download
hinge1.STL58676 kBon 6/1/14 Download
hinge2.STL57650 kBon 6/1/14 Download
enclosure_joint.SLDPRT524549 kBon 6/1/14 Download
latch arm.STL58040 kBon 6/1/14 Download
latch front.STL63079 kBon 6/1/14 Download
pinround.STL56411 kBon 6/1/14 Download
squarepin.STL584684 byteson 6/1/14 Download
latch back.STL5779 kBon 6/1/14 Download
IMG_20131226_183612.jpg7121.7 MBon 6/1/14 Download
IMG_20131226_183621.jpg6591.3 MBon 6/1/14 Download
IMG_20131226_183638.jpg6691.3 MBon 6/1/14 Download
IMG_20131226_183703.jpg6251.4 MBon 6/1/14 Download
IMG_20140105_163110.jpg6882.4 MBon 6/1/14 Download
IMG_20140105_163122.jpg6522.3 MBon 6/1/14 Download
IMG_20140105_163138.jpg7201.8 MBon 6/1/14 Download
Printed this to stop drafts and slow cooldown. might work on the orion but i have not tested it
The included enclosure joint is set to 9 inches but not everyone's printer heights will be the exact same so it will need to be modified to fit your printer. for the latch, i have the spacing for the holes that need to be drilled at 6 inches. you will need to print 3 arms, 4 ea latch front/back, 4 square pin @ .98 scale, and 6 pinround @.98 scale.
Attribution - Share Alike - Creative Commons
bubbasnow - on 6/1/14
sorry i didnt include the details on plexiglass. I designed this for .08in thick plexi. i purchased this at lowes for about 15 dollars a panel x3 panels.
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