Iris Container
Full Name JJ Johnson
Location United States
Company SeeMeCNC
Base.stl83376 kBon 9/1/14 Download
Ring.stl84792 kBon 9/1/14 Download
Retainer.stl84935 kBon 9/1/14 Download
5 Shutters.stl87570 kBon 9/1/14 Download
Shutter.stl85378 kBon 9/1/14 Download
Iris Container.JPG927238 kBon 9/1/14 Download
This is a derivative of msruggles "Shorty Iris Box". With a few simple changes and cleaning up of the STL files in Netfab to reduce print time and eliminate using support material on the "BASE" part. In addition the "Shutters" have been added in two versions, a 5 in one print and an individual part print.
Printed successfully in ABS @ 30mm/s for all speeds with layer cooling fan enabled for layers less than 30 seconds. Assemble all parts with (5) 4-40 1 1/2" pan head machine screws and (5) washers
Attribution - Share Alike - Creative Commons
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