Cam for material Dryer
Full Name John Oly
Location Goshen, Indiana
Company SeeMeCNC
CAM DISK.STL112868 kBon 14/1/14 Download
Cam Disk for OLD SeeMeCNC Process Dryer.jpg113982 kBon 14/1/14 Download
IMG_1680.JPG11643.4 MBon 14/1/14 Download
IMG_1681.JPG11903.2 MBon 14/1/14 Download
IMG_1675.JPG11683.8 MBon 14/1/14 Download
This part is a replacement cam disk for a material dryer we use in our plastics processing equipment. The original was cracked, and had suffered a long life of kludge repairs. It was time for a new one. However, the dryer is rather old, and the parts hard to find, but wait! We have a 3D PRINTER!!!!
Print fairly solid, and replace your worn out cams to activate your blowdown solenoids
Attribution - Share Alike - Creative Commons
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