Print Reading Exercise #3
Full Name JJ Johnson
Location United States
Company SeeMeCNC
Print Reading 3.stl850532 kBon 16/1/14 Download
Print Reading 3 Printable Version Left.stl878403 kBon 16/1/14 Download
Print Reading 3 Printable Version Right.stl857370 kBon 16/1/14 Download
Print Reading 3.pdf77990 kBon 16/1/14 Download
Print Reading Exercise 3 Worksheet.pdf817131 kBon 16/1/14 Download
Print Reading 3.jpg9084 kBon 16/1/14 Download
Print Reading is a valuable skill for students to learn. This beginner level print reading will allow students to understand the fundamentals of reading a blueprint. Print the part and you have an excellent visual aid to provide when teaching the fundamentals of interpreting information commonly found on a blueprint. Provide each student with a copy (digital or paper) of the print and accompanying worksheet.
Print either the entire piece in a single print (Print Reading 3.stl) which requires support material to be turned on, or print the left and right halves (not requiring support) and temporarily assemble with 1" scrap lengths of filament in the four holes added where the two parts join. (This can be used when demonstrating section views) Material: ABS or PLA, Layer Height: .3mm, Perimeters: 2, Bottom / Top Layers: 3, Infill: 10%
Attribution - Share Alike - Creative Commons
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