30 mm Blower Fan Duct for Rostock MAX
SquirrleFan30mm.STL493853 kBon 27/2/14 Download
SquirrleFan30mm.jpg66059 kBon 27/2/14 Download
SquirrleFan30mmAsmb.jpg66758 kBon 27/2/14 Download
Blower Fan Duct for 30 x 30 x 10 fan. SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX
Print with PLA or ABS.
Attribution - Share Alike - Creative Commons
Hans - on 30/7/14
Was this originally designed for the original Max and not the V2? Using it on a V2 I find that the stock hot end extends out further than your images here. The fan ends up blowing almost directly at the heating resistors of the hot end instead of at part you're printing.
Hans - on 20/7/14
Had some issues slicing in slic3r, with missing layers on the inner ducting. Cura had no problems at all. You'll need to progressively dial back the speed as it prints, particularly after layer 50.
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