Part cooling blower fan for SeeMeCNC v2 Platforms
Full Name John Oly
Location Goshen, Indiana
Company SeeMeCNC
Guanu-Blower-Fan-Holder-Shroud.stl1823327 kBon 26/8/15 Download
This is the blower fan shroud for use with the 30mm x 10mm blower fans used on the Orion Delta and Rostock MAX 3D Printers. This design has more clearance for the ujoints at the platform, needed for the newer v2 style platforms that use the spring clips to retain the ujoints. If you have an older screw-together platform, you can still use this one.
Print in ABS preferred, and use either a short 4-40 or an M3 screw to attach to the platform
Attribution - Creative Commons
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