Fabric Tape Measure Holder
Full Name Gerrit Coetzee
Location Louisville, KY
Company Repables Inc.
fabricmeasuringtapeholder (1).stl928269 kBon 18/3/14 Download
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ringfabricmeasuringtapeholder.stl88926 kBon 18/3/14 Download
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I bought one of those fabric tape measures a while back because they are fantastically useful for measuring oddly shaped things or perimeters. The problem is that they get tangled and bent faster than a neatly coiled pile of usb cables. This device has a few features that I think are nice: 1. It has a slot in it at an angle so that you can easily slide one end of the tape in and start coiling. 2. There are two dimples in the side, this lets you hold it between your thumb and forefinger which makes it easy to coil and uncoil the tape. 3. The ring is a little snug at first (I made it that way to accommodate many thicknesses of tape), so you might have to adjust it by cutting off a bit of the plastic on the inside arches with an exacto knife. This does make for a really nice fit though.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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