Galaxy Note II Strong tripod mount
NOTEHOLDER.stl159258 kBon 20/3/14 Download
20140319_194255.jpg9572.4 MBon 20/3/14 Download
20140319_194306.jpg9992.4 MBon 20/3/14 Download
20140319_194941.jpg9521.8 MBon 20/3/14 Download
I wasn't satisfied with how weak the other designs and did not feel comfortable having my expensive phone supported by a few mm thick piece of plastic. I took the original into sketchup and cleaned some things while making other parts longer. The result is a VERY strong tripod mount that actually clears the camera and LED while still allowing access to the buttons.
The mounting hole will probably be the wrong size depending on your printer. I took the screw out of my tripod, heated it up with a lighter, than screwed it in the mounting hole while squishing the plastic around it. Very secure fit.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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