Poloh Emergency Tag - Embedded Money and Note
Full Name Taito 3D Printing
Location 41 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2001
Company Taito 3D Printing
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Emergency Tag made for my nephews. The tag contains my contact number and some money should they find themselves in some trouble. The money inside the tag can be used to call me, or catch a taxi, bus or train. The money is completely embedded inside the tag and it can be accessed by snapping it in two. The tag can be placed on a key ring and/or on a school backpack. Designed by: https://www.taito3d.co.za
Resolution: Medium Setting [Default] Raft: No Support: No Step 1: Take a bank note and a piece of paper that contains some important information [e.g. contact numbers, residential address and medical information]. Fold the bank note horizontally 3 times and vertically once. Step 2: Fold the money and piece of paper together and wrap it up in some tape. The tape is to make sure that my nephew's don't know that there is money inside the tag. They only know that there is important information inside and they should snap it in an emergency. Step 3: Start the print, as soon as it gets to 90% watch it carefully. The printer will start to lay some unsupported layers, as soon as this happens, select the change filament option. This will momentarily stop the print, place the wrapped up money inside the print and resume the build. The money and note are now embedded inside the tag. The unsupported area might seem unnecessary but it plays a important role in ensuring that the tag is sealed properly. Step 4: Remove the excess material from the print. The print is now done and you can hook it on a key ring or on a school backpack. The tag's contents are accessed by snapping it. My nephews are young so it's thin enough for them to snap. I chose not to tell them that there is money inside the tag because they or their friends might get temped to use the money for some other purpose. Alternative Uses: [1] Store a memory card [Micro SD] that contains the holder’s details [more information can be stored than on a piece of paper]. [2] Store a pet owner's contact details and put it on the collar. [3] Store some personal back-up money on your key chain, just in case you lose your wallet or bank cards [especially when you are out of the house]. [4] Store a spare key for kids [when the tag is placed inside a school back-pack]. The current design is too small for most house keys and I'll as a bigger one.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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