Fursuit- or puppet-head base - version8
Full Name Tioh
Location Germany
tioh_3d-printed_puppet-head_moving_eyes.jpg1062155 kBon 30/3/14 Download
fursuithead8_muzzle.obj877188 kBon 30/3/14 Download
fursuithead8_front.obj927370 kBon 30/3/14 Download
fursuithead8_back.obj916232 kBon 30/3/14 Download
This is a head-base that can be used to build a puppet-, plushie-, robot- or even a fursuit-head. Fake fur can be glued on. I did not include the lower jaw because It's faster to make one with an aluminium-profile when to print it. The holes for the eyes were enlarged to accomodate the eye- and eyelid mechanics.
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