Full Name RifRaf
Location NSW Australia
Company -
triplestruder.jpg1109126 kBon 26/5/14 Download
x-carriage-3x3mm-Nema14.stl726775 kBon 26/5/14 Download
triplestruder-3mm.stl8204 MBon 26/5/14 Download
smallgear.stl850851 kBon 26/5/14 Download
largegear59teeth.stl7343.2 MBon 26/5/14 Download
thing.stl823173 kBon 26/5/14 Download
thing.scad673487 byteson 26/5/14 Download
dual.jpg1096115 kBon 26/5/14 Download
hobbsetup.jpg775105 kBon 3/6/14 Download
_1019055 (large).jpg783219 kBon 3/6/14 Download
3 Filament auto changing extruder. X carriage designed to fit prusa i3 Am using Aluhotend, Jhead or similar will fit as well
Hobbed bolt is cut down M5 bolt with TL 5mm bore hobb on it requires 6 x 605 bearings and 3 x 624 bearings and some M5 flat washers and nuts
Attribution - Creative Commons
Aglezabad - on 28/12/15
It looks very nice but I have a question. Is it compatible with Budaschnozzles? I think that is possible to attach Ifala's adapter with some modifications. I will try to modify that adapter for this extruder.
It's a good idea! What software and firmware do you use?
CryoFather - on 24/6/14
Looks really promising! I especially like the big wheel with teeth on the inside.
RichRap - on 28/5/14
Very nice and compact design, great stuff!
dammitcoetzee - on 28/5/14
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