e3d V6 Rostock Max and Orion mount
Full Name Isaac
Location Queensland, Australia
Company doodadDoes
v6 mount.jpg375289 kBon 28/5/14 Download
v6 mount side.jpg2522100 kBon 6/6/14 Download
e3d v6 both parts.stl2846300 kBon 6/6/14 Download
e3d v6 both parts for stock layer fan.stl1125300 kBon 7/6/14 Download
e3d v6 lower plate and legs.stl2809140 kBon 6/6/14 Download
e3d v6 lower plate and legs for stock layer fan.stl1070140 kBon 7/6/14 Download
e3d v6 upper plate.stl2775159 kBon 6/6/14 Download
e3d V6 Rostock Mount.stl15285 kBon 28/5/14 Download
v6 mount side.jpg1196 kBon 28/5/14 Download
e3d v6 mount both parts.3ds6174 kBon 8/6/14 Download
* UPDATE: Added .3ds file so you can muck around with the file :) * UPDATE: Included version with 10mm shorter legs to allow it to work with Rostock layer fan. Nozzle sits ~24mm below the effector with this version. * UPDATE: I increased the lower plate thickness to 6mm to match the e3d better. Also added separated files for those who want to tweak :) This mount puts the e3d nozzle ~12mm below the effector plate. Sorry about the extra files, but I can't delete the old ones for some reason :/
Suggested to print it out of ABS using 3 loops on the wall thickness. Will need some 60mm (2 3/8") long, 4mm diam (1/8") machine screws to hold it in place.
Attribution - Creative Commons
tommck - on 24/4/16
This is cool, but it doesn't leave room for the E3D fan if you use the shorter height and the taller height is so high that the typical fans don't work (very little clearance room). Anyone have a solution to this?
jesse - on 21/6/14
If anyone needs phillips pan head #6-32 2.5" machine screws send me a PM, i have extra
heathenx - on 8/6/14
Thanks for the updates and the 3DS file. I'm printing out a new tall and short version now.
doodaddoes - on 8/6/14
3DS file now added. Enjoy ;)
heathenx - on 8/6/14
Oh, I see. You modeled it in 3DS. In that case you should be able to export as a .SAT file. The original 3DS files would be fine too. I have 3DS at work.
doodaddoes - on 6/6/14
Step files? I have the original 3ds max files - would that work? What format would you like them in and I'll upload them here :)
heathenx - on 6/6/14
Thank-you. I just ordered my e3dv6 hotend. However, in case I would need to make a slight modification, do you have the step files for these parts?
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