Multicoloured Rainbow filament test
Full Name Richard Horne (RichRap)
Location UK
rainbow_004_extruded.stl877386 kBon 30/5/14 Download
sketchup_rainbow_text_display_large_display_large.jpg1105286 kBon 30/5/14 Download
rainbow_top_down_display_large_display_large.jpg1067343 kBon 30/5/14 Download
This was an experiment using some great coloured Faberdashery PLA filament. It was not just designed to look pretty as I added lots of sections for filament bridging and thin layers for colour change. Skeinforge finds bridging on curves hard as it decided on an angle for the direction of bridge and does the whole section the same angle, so at points along the curve filament is going straight into the gap, this makes it a hard test especially when done at high speed, that’s why you can see a few gaps and dips in the model surface. I could make it look much better with a different Rainbow design but this was testing how the filament would perform on my Prusa Mendel ‘Bling’ machine. You can see it printing in this video here - More info on my Blog -
You really need to print it out with multiple sections of coloured filament, if you just print in one colour it will look a bit boring. Take a look at how to make a filament joiner under the other things I have made.
Attribution - Share Alike - Creative Commons
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