Yoda - Lite - more face less robe and a bit bigger
Full Name Richard Horne (RichRap)
Location UK
faberdashery_yoda-lite_1_5_scale_less_robe.stl10602.4 MBon 30/5/14 Download
70mm_faberdashery_yoda-lite_less_robe.stl9521.9 MBon 30/5/14 Download
yodas_lite_4_display_large_display_large.jpg1019453 kBon 30/5/14 Download
yoda_lite_thing_display_large_display_large.jpg1009454 kBon 30/5/14 Download
Sorry for posting another Yoda, in my defense, this was one of the original ones (remixed by Faberdashery) way back in October 2012 :)
He is about 70mm high but wider so should fit on most Prusa's and Huxley's :) He is printed in Greenery Green PLA from Faberdashery. 60mm/sec speed 0.5mm nozzle 0.3mm layer. *** Edit *** Jan 2012 - I had the wrong model uploaded ! - if you want the version with less robe and more face, then download the new STL called 70mm_Faberdashery_Yoda-Lite_less_robe.stl - That's the correct one I originally used and it's 70.89mm high. The other model is just the same as Yoda lite but bigger (95.64mm) - Sorry about that. Thanks to richgain for spotting this mistake.
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