Printrbot Pivoting Fan Mount
Location Salt Lake City
img_3425_display_large.jpg558329 kBon 30/5/14 Download
mount_plate_v2.stl43159 kBon 30/5/14 Download
rotating_fan_mount_stock_fan.stl471297 kBon 30/5/14 Download
rotating_fan_mountv2_r.stl459136 kBon 30/5/14 Download
wp_20131110_001_display_large.jpg512150 kBon 30/5/14 Download
wp_20131231_007_display_large.jpg532147 kBon 30/5/14 Download
assembly1_display_large.jpg509114 kBon 30/5/14 Download
I have uploaded a version to accommodate the stock PB fan. It should clear the LC extruder plate now. I do not have a stock fan at the moment so if anyone prints this let me know how it works. This is designed to print all one piece. I've found that I need a fan on my PEEK for ABS and the fan on the print with PLA. This is designed to swivel when needed. This fits a generic 40mm fan from Radio Shack. Unfortunately you have to modify your LC extruder mounting plate so it can swivel. I have added a top plate to clear the larger 40x10mm fan.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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