Rostock Max V2 Dial Indicator Bracket
Full Name heathenx
Location Somewhere, Indiana
RMaxV2_Dial_Indicator_Bracket_HX_01.jpg73.6 MBon 30/5/14 Download
RMaxV2_Dial_Indicator_Bracket_HX_02.jpg73.5 MBon 30/5/14 Download
RMaxV2_Dial_Indicator_Bracket_HX.stl6283 kBon 30/5/14 Download
RMaxV2_Dial_Indicator_Bracket_HX.stp667 kBon 30/5/14 Download
This is still a work in progress but this is version 1 of my concept. Everything seems to work but I am waiting on some dial indicator extensions so It's long enough to pass through the effector. The point of this exercise was that I wanted to use a dial indicator for truing my towers (radius) but I didn't want to take apart the hot end each time I wanted to use it. I plan to remove the dial indicator when done and just leave the bracket installed. The dial indicator is not centered but I have it as close as I can get it to the nozzle. You will need a longer #6-32 machine screw. I bought a 2" long and cut it down to size. You might also to to trim a little plastic off of the PEEK fan shroud if the indicator post interferes.
None really. I printed mine out of PLA with support material. The bracket has a hole size for a .373" pin sleeve. It should be a light press fit. You will need to tap the small hole on the side with a #6-32. I didn't have a set screw so just used what I could find. You won't need to get the screw really tight. Just a little snug (so it doesn't strip). You will also need to get some dial indicator extensions. I think I picked up a set from ebay for $8 in various lengths. Solid model supplied in case you need to alter it.
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heathenx - on 1/6/14
Update 2: It looks like I will need to overhaul this fitting. I think I might have to make the base a little bigger so it's even more rigid. Fastening it down with a single 6-32 screw is not quite enough to keep it from flexing. I printed another out of ABS and didnt like it as well as the PLA version. Stay tuned for a version 2 soon.
doodaddoes - on 31/5/14
This looks awesome! Now I'll just need a dial indicator :/
heathenx - on 30/5/14
Update: My extension arrived this afternoon. Looks like I have it just a bit too close to the hotend. It rubs against the heat cartridge paste. I'll probably have to move the dial mounting hole about .030-040" in the direction of the small mounting screw thru hole.
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