REV2 Rostock Max V2 Dial Indicator Bracket
Full Name heathenx
Location Somewhere, Indiana
rev2_01.jpg16191.8 MBon 3/6/14 Download
rev2_02.jpg16361.7 MBon 3/6/14 Download
rev2_03.jpg16861.8 MBon 3/6/14 Download
rev2_04.jpg16821.8 MBon 3/6/14 Download
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Dial_Indicator_Back_HX.stl1153149 kBon 3/6/14 Download
Dial_Indicator_Back_HX.stp116318 kBon 3/6/14 Download
Dial_Indicator_Bracket_HX_Rev2.stl1203239 kBon 3/6/14 Download
Dial_Indicator_Bracket_HX_Rev2.stp114340 kBon 3/6/14 Download
dial_indicator_towers.gco11621 kBon 3/6/14 Download
This is version 2 of my dial indicator bracket. This version is slightly bigger and stiffer and works much better. The indicator mount hole is intended to be small so I can slowly run a .375" drill down into it for a proper light press fit. Again, you will need to run a #6-32 tap or metric equivalent into the set screw hole. The point of this bracket was to get as close to the nozzle as I could. Ideally, one would remove the hot end and install an indicator in the center but perhaps this will be close enough. One can remove the indicator after use so there is no extra weight. My indicator and extension rod as just cheap things from eBay. My Shars indicator came with a mount on the backing plate. I printed a new flat back mounting plate for it for bowden tube clearance. It's attached if you would like to use it. I also attached my towers gcode for reference. Be sure to review it before running it. It's basically a modified version of the towers gcode file that ships on the SD card. YouTube video of the initial run:
PLA is preferred since it makes for a stiffer bracket than ABS.
Attribution - Creative Commons
Gort - on 17/4/15
could you upload this in a CAD friendly file format? would be totally awesome, because i own a dial indicator with a .315" pin sleeve.
heathenx - on 3/6/14
I was able to calibrate my tower pretty well with this thing. I'm within about .001" or more.
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