Mini Kossel 120mm Fan Mount
Full Name Ike
Location Wyoming
120mm mk fan bracket.stl326422 kBon 10/6/14 Download
120mm mk fan bracket.scad3031010 byteson 10/6/14 Download
fanonminikossel.jpg4081.2 MBon 10/6/14 Download
fanonminikosselclose.jpg4531.2 MBon 10/6/14 Download
120mm Fan Mount for a Mini Kossel 3D Printer. Works perfectly to cool prints and looks good doing it. Hides the mount points inside the fan. This bracket mounts to the top of the bed extrusion beams and is angled to blow directly across the bed surface. It attaches near the corner brace so it won't interfere with any bed mounts in the middle of the beams. The bracket is compatible with all standard 120mm standard width fans. Hardware required: Qty 2: M3x8 hex cap bolt Qty 2: M3x12 hex cap bolt Qty 4: M3 hex nut
1) Printer settings were two perimeters with 25% infill. 2) The fan sits on the bracket with one side directly in front of the vertical mounts. The fan attaches to the mounts with two M3x12mm bolts and hex nuts. Washer on the outside make it look nicer but are not necessary. 3) The bracket attaches to the beams around the bed with two M3x8mm hex cap bolts in the counter sunk holes going in to two hex nuts in the extrusion channels. Position the mounting point near the corner brace so the fan is pointed at the center of the bed and tighten the bolts.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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