E3D V6 Mount for Rostock Max V2
Full Name heathenx
Location Somewhere, Indiana
quick-n-dirty_render.jpg1911436 kBon 18/6/14 Download
E3DV6_Mount_01.stl1205161 kBon 18/6/14 Download
E3DV6_Mount_01.stp117384 kBon 18/6/14 Download
E3DV6_Mount_02.stl1170373 kBon 18/6/14 Download
E3DV6_Mount_02.stp977232 kBon 18/6/14 Download
E3DV6_Mount_03.stl1005151 kBon 18/6/14 Download
E3DV6_Mount_03.stp9246 kBon 18/6/14 Download
E3DV6_RMax2_Fan_Shroud_01.stl102089 kBon 18/6/14 Download
E3DV6_RMax2_Fan_Shroud_01.stp95271 kBon 18/6/14 Download
Hot_End_Assy_E3D.stp9975.3 MBon 18/6/14 Download
Hot_End_Assy_E3D_Adobe.pdf10363.1 MBon 18/6/14 Download
e3dv6_rmax2_fan_shroud_02.stl653374 kBon 19/6/14 Download
e3dv6_rmax2_fan_shroud_02.stp64074 kBon 19/6/14 Download
Sorry everyone. My original post completely disappeared when I tried to add another file. Had to re-upload everything. Attribution for this mount goes to doodaddoes (http://repables.com/r/296/). I designed this version based on his version. Basically I removed the standoffs/spacers and made them separate items. Mine were lather cut for accuracy but they can be 3D printed or purchased (http://www.mcmaster.com/#unthreaded-spacers/=sg8ly4). I also had to design a new low profile fan shroud. Attribution for that should go to johnoly99 (http://repables.com/r/212/) since mine was based off of his. This fan shroud was needed because my hotend is about 6mm higher than the stock hot end. The original shroud would hit the build plate.
You will have to drill out the 6-32 thru holes just to open them up a bit. I didn't try to get the scale right to overcome the shrinkage. You might want to print them with 3 permimeters so there is a bit of plastic there. I think I ran a .140"-.147" drill bit through them. I printed mine out of ABS. Supplied all of the step files in case someone wants to modify them.
Attribution - Creative Commons
heathenx - on 23/8/14
Hey, Jeff. Mine actually fit pretty snuggly. It's better to have it that way then fit loose. Since you are in a "material safe" situation then I would recommend filing/sanding where necessary. I have a set of jewelers files that I use for this purpose. As for shrinkage, it's going to happen. I print (abs) with a tall cardboard wrap-around to eliminate delamination on long print jobs. I wonder if that makes any difference in the rate of shrink. Printing stuff like this is going to be slightly different for everybody. We all use different material and slice things differently.
jeffchuber - on 23/8/14
Hey heathenx - thanks for the designs! I printed them out in ABS (hot end 225, bed 90, hair spray) but experienced some serious shrinkage issues. Neither part fits around the v6 where they are supposed to. how did you handle this? thanks!
heathenx - on 19/7/14
It's a three-dimensional PDF file. You can only view it with Adobe software and I think you need at least version 10 of the reader...but I could be wrong about that.
Rolffeof6 - on 27/6/14
My oldest son did some analysis of my inability to open this file. My Acrobat reader needs to be updated. The file is good!
Rolffeof6 - on 23/6/14
Thanks for this design and upload. The pdf, at least on my machine, is blank, although it does show 3.1Mb file size. My pdf viewer displays other pdf's that I have downloaded correctly. Is there a chance that this file was corrupted during upload?
jesse - on 21/6/14
If anyone needs phillips pan head #6-32 2.5" machine screws send me a PM, i have extra
heathenx - on 19/6/14
Added another version of the low profile fan shroud that I am testing. Instead of using the screw, I just push this one on. The hole is still there but I'm just covering it with scotch tape for now. It seems to hold rather well. I also enclosed the nozzle a bit more and carved out the fan side to relieve a little pressure.
heathenx - on 18/6/14
I had to remove the 3DS files. Perhaps there is an upload limit. If anyone wants those then you can find them in this thread on the forums (http://forum.seemecnc.com/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=5567)
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