M5 Nut Anti Backlash Assembly
Full Name Steve Wygant
Location Ligonier Indiana
Company SeeMeCNC
38710 m5 anti backlash nut carrier seemecnc.stl62179 kBon 10/7/14 Download
38710 m5 anti backlash nut assembly.jpg830115 kBon 10/7/14 Download
PartDaddy & Oly designed this printable anti backlash nut for M5 x 0.8 threaded rods and nuts.
Print out of ABS or PLA. I recommend hot settings for this part for better layer bonding and stregth. We use "Heavy" M5 Nuts. The spring is .030 inch wire x 5/16"OD x 1/2"Long. The spring isn't too critical because you can adjust the preload when you're assembling. Mount using 3mm metric or 6-32 inch size hardware. The 3mm posts on the part are flexible just enough for adjusting the backlash nut even after full assembly.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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