Low Clearance Blower Fan Duct - NEW V2!
Full Name Jim
Location SeeMe Territory
Company yeah right
fan holder.stl2427288 kBon 23/9/14 Download
fan duct image.png21551.8 MBon 27/9/14 Download
fan holder.fcstd1291630 kBon 7/12/14 Download
fan duct v2.stl771977 kBon 7/12/14 Download
fan duct v2.rsdoc665450 kBon 7/12/14 Download
fan duct v2.1.stl582802 kBon 9/12/14 Download
I designed this duct because the "stock" ducts from Guanu, John, and HeathenX wouldn't fit under my platform (custom E3D mount). It was also an exercise in re-learning to draw in CAD after many years of rust. This fan fits the "standard" 10x30 blower fan that SeeMe sells, and fits in the <8.5mm clearance that I have between my effector platform and the tip of the nozzle without risking snagging on a warped part. I also tried to use natural curves to promote laminar flow without turbulence (eyeball method only) and flow as much air as possible without putting unnecessary back pressure on the fan itself. V2 (12/7/14) Includes better bracing on the mount tab, smoother internal curves, a different opening on the bottom of the duct for more downward airflow, and side "wings" to encourage more directed airflow. The model also is optimized to have a 1.5mm wall thickness on all of the angled pieces in relation to printed layer angle (more extrusion width friendly). It's also drawn up in DesignSpark and is a much happier model. The source file (RSDoc) is included as well.
This mount has 1.5-2mm thick walls, so it's not terribly wasteful to print it at 100% infill. You can experiment for yourself, but that's what I did. Good Luck! P.S. The file with "fixed" at the end is the same model after being processed by NetFabb Cloud. Did you know it's a Microsoft product now?
Attribution - Creative Commons
jimustanguitar - on 9/12/14
V2.1 is easier to print if you're having trouble with the overhang angle on the mounting tab supports.
jimustanguitar - on 7/12/14
The 4th picture is the good one. Repables won't let me remove the image preview of the old file.
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