40mm x3 Shroud for Rostock Max v2
40mm x3 shroud v2.1_fixed.stl9661.1 MBon 1/11/14 Download
[Edit: v2.1 uploaded as of 10-31-14. I made it "easier" to print and modified some minor things. v2.0 was not slicable due to thickness of wall issues!] This is a fan shroud for cooling for the Rostock Max v2 with the stock hot end. It allows three 40mm fans to blow onto the printing area all around the nozzle and also mounts 7.6mm square LEDs. It MIGHT NOT clear the binder clips, but it will clear these: http://repables.com/r/423/. Adobe Inventor file and development available at https://bitbucket.org/redoverred/40mm-x3-shroud-for-rmv2
It can be printed with low infill for weight savings. It has quite a large number of bridging areas, so be careful with your settings. This has already been netfabb'ed! Use these clips so the fan shroud doesn't hit the binder clips: http://repables.com/r/423/
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