USBasp Cover
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usbasp case.stl15166 kBon 15/12/14 Download
usbasp.jpg184371 kBon 15/12/14 Download
usbasp v2.stl88434 kBon 15/12/14 Download
usbasp2.png10011.6 MBon 15/12/14 Download
This is a cover for a USBasp AVR programmer I found a nice, simple case from gggkkk on Thingiverse , but it was too tight of a fit for my programmer. This repable is a rotated, repaired, and scaled version of gggkkk's original design. (scaled up the width by 3%). The photo in yellow plastic is gggkkk's as well. He did the work, I just tweaked it to fit around my device. *edit* my programmer is shorter and has different LED placement. I drew up a V2 stl that fits the newer USBasp programmer. This V2 is the image with the green plastic.
Print, install, and profit.
Attribution - Creative Commons
jimustanguitar - on 15/12/14
There are 2 USBasp's. Check the orientation of the LEDs to know which one you have.
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