Rostock Max V2 enclosure
Location Saint Cloud MN
1222141120.jpg33302.5 MBon 22/12/14 Download
X.stl184072 kBon 22/12/14 Download
XTPO.stl178491 kBon 22/12/14 Download
Y.stl178873 kBon 22/12/14 Download
YTOP.stl177593 kBon 22/12/14 Download
Z.stl172671 kBon 22/12/14 Download
ZTOP.stl184691 kBon 22/12/14 Download
BETWEEN.stl173638 kBon 22/12/14 Download
BETWEENFRONT.stl174938 kBon 22/12/14 Download
BETWEENFRONTTOP.stl168928 kBon 22/12/14 Download
BETWEENTOP.stl161638 kBon 22/12/14 Download
DOOR LATCH2.stl171742 kBon 22/12/14 Download
TEMP CONTROLLER MOUNT.stl165143 kBon 22/12/14 Download
use 1/8" polycarbonate sheet and corner brackets, Sheets are 28.5" tall by 5.24 and 12.72"(cut 1/32" small). 2x between.stl and betweentop.stl 4x door latch2.stl 1x everything else
Attribution - Creative Commons
corski67 - on 16/4/16
I'm wondering if you can include a link to the source for the temperature gauge you used? I plan to just have this be heated by the bed for ABS. I've been using a makeshift "blanket" of sorts and it maintains an internal temp of about 95F degrees. It's just a bubble foam wrap around the towers to insulate the bed heat and trap it inside. It actually works well. It has reduced ABS warping to an absolute minimum. Thanks so much for the design work on this! I've been wanting to do this for quite some time but I just haven't had time to do the CAD work. This is just the design I had in mind so I really appreciate the work you did.
thehalfnerd - on 12/4/16
Jfettig, Looks awesome man! I really need to print this ASAP cause I am printing with a high shrinkage material. Are you actively heating the chamber? If so, what heater/controller are you using?
kuerpy - on 7/4/15
Hi jfettig!! You are amazing, I like your enclosure but I have some modifications. it is possible to upload original files? Sorry for my english,Thank you very much.
jfettig - on 6/4/15
I'd recommend ABS because PLA gets quite soft at higher temperatures - if you heat the enclosure. mattster98 - 1.5" 6-32's for the bottom brackets and use the 1" screws you removed from the bottom to mount the top. I used double sided tape to mount the door latches. I made provisions for 6-32 screws and magnets but used neither. You'll have to drill holes in the printer to mount the top pieces, assemble and transfer the holes through.
mattster98 - on 4/4/15
Recently printed this in PLA on my other printer and installed on the Rostock Max. It works great! I would appreciate some insight on the hardware you recommend. I swapped out the bottom 6-32 screws from 1" to 1.5". I assumed the door latches are screwed to the short panel. I drilled holes in the plexiglass and used some small 4-40 screws for that. I used some M3 cap-end screws for the top assembly because it was all that I had that was short enough. The top is kind of floating now because I didn't see a place to attach it to the printer. Are the other hollowed out spots in the door latch for magnets or something to keep the door closed? Also - any tips for assembling the whole thing? I found it a bit of a puzzle once it was all together. I got it, but it took some struggling.
kuerpy - on 26/3/15
You make it with ABS or PLA? Thanks :D
artexmg - on 26/12/14
Great! thanks, I need this badly :-)
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