Scale Model Camouflage Stencils
7.5 mm digital 1.88 inch width template_fixed.stl25340 kBon 30/12/14 Download
7.5mm hex 1.88 inch width template_fixed.stl24950 kBon 30/12/14 Download
tiger stripe 1.88 inch width template_fixed.stl255916 kBon 30/12/14 Download
A few different types of camo stencils. They are designed to be used to cut shapes from a 1.88 inch width painter's tape roll (they are 150mm in length) to be applied later to the item you are painting. They are quite small patterns, designed to be used on my Warhammer 40K army, but could be applied to many scale model uses. You can always scale it up to use on larger things or down to use on smaller things. Uploaded models are netfabb'ed. Bitbucket repo:
Print with whatever your largest layer height is and infill doesn't matter since it's only 2mm thick. Should take ~1 hours at ~50mm/sec. The notches at the ends are to guide you on how to align the stencil. I use them by putting a ~200mm length of blue painter's tape on a glass surface, placing this template over the tape, and then either cutting with a razor or drawing the shape to be cut later.
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