WH40K Simple Templates
3 and 5 inch Blast_fixed.stl762212 kBon 3/1/15 Download
Flame Template_fixed.stl790124 kBon 3/1/15 Download
3 inch Blast_fixed.stl593245 kBon 3/1/15 Download
5 inch Blast_fixed.stl598200 kBon 3/1/15 Download
7 inch Blast_fixed.stl657179 kBon 3/1/15 Download
[1-3-14: Added plain 3, 5, and 7 inch templates.] [1-2-14: I changed the flame template to match the dimensions from a GW template I measured, so the older version with the text is obsolete. Also removed the text from both since it didn't print well anyways.] A combination 3"/5" (small/large) blast template with a holding peg and also a flamer template (~8" length by ~2.5" width standard) with holding peg. Embossed is some text describing them as such. I might add more later, but I don't use the larger ones so if you really need them you can always double this size to get a 10 inch blast and by 7/5ths to get the 7 inch blast. The outer ring would be used in both cases and the 3 inch inner ring would be worthless in both cases. Models have been netfabb'ed. Bitbucket repo: https://bitbucket.org/redoverred/wh40k-templates
Print as you wish with largest layer height you can do for speed.
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