Modular Badger Minitaire Paint Stand
Minitaire Paint Holder_fixed.stl586332 kBon 31/12/14 Download
Minitaire Paint Stand Section_fixed.stl56221 kBon 31/12/14 Download
directions.png69820 kBon 31/12/14 Download
smaller minitaire paint stand section_fixed.stl35014 kBon 2/1/15 Download
[1-1-15: I added a stand section that is one step smaller since I just realized that I can't fit the 5-step version into my printer! This one has 4 steps, so it should hold 5 paints.] A modular system for hodling Badger Minitaire 32mm diameter x 80mm height (1oz.) paint bottles (or any bottle that will fit in a 34mm diameter x 40mm deep hole). Each stand section can hold 6 bottles. All models have been netfabb'ed. Bitbucket repo:
You would print out enough stand sections for your collection, and then 6 of the holders for each stand section (one in front, then 5 on top). You can then use a tiny bit of glue or acetone to weld the holders onto the stand. The holders have a rounded edge on the front. You should print the stand section with a fairly high infill for stability and you could basically do as low of infill as you want for the holders. The parts were separated so the stand could be used for other stuff AND also so that they would print without overhangs. I could have made it simpler without two separate parts, but this method avoids all overhangs. See picture for clarity.
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