case_body_v2.stl775314 kBon 9/1/15 Download
case_lid_v2.stl8001.1 MBon 9/1/15 Download
TeleBall is an Arduino based retro handheld game console. You cannot buy it. You need to build it by yourself. It lets you play BreakOut in single-player mode using one device and Tennis for Two in multi-player mode using two devices communicating via radio. 3D Print the case and the lid and then visit for further instructions how to build it.
1. 3D print the design 2. Create the custom PCB 3. Build it 4. Flash the firmware 5. Have fun playing TeleBall :-) Please find a very detailed "how-to" description and all necessary files on and on GitHub on
Attribution - Creative Commons
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