ShapeOko II Outside Belt Clamp
Full Name Jim
Location SeeMe Territory
Company yeah right
clamp top v1.stl174298 kBon 4/2/15 Download
clamp top.rsdoc1687122 kBon 4/2/15 Download
belt clamp.rsdoc1430254 kBon 9/2/15 Download
belt clamp v5.stl1444469 kBon 9/2/15 Download
belt clamp.png16091.2 MBon 9/2/15 Download
81gXgxO.png12101.6 MBon 23/4/15 Download
3hp2V8K.png12742 MBon 23/4/15 Download
DmQmGc0.png12351.5 MBon 23/4/15 Download
uXLs0Wy.png13311.8 MBon 23/4/15 Download
I designed this belt clamp to mount outside of the frame plates on the ShapeOko II so that you can increase the mechanical travel of your machine. My goal is to get a full 12" out of the Oko, but I haven't printed these and installed them yet. I've made a few revisions for fit and printability. V5 is the newest stl file (the RSDOC is up to date even though it doesn't reflect the version in the name).
The bottom clamp goes under the M5 screws that mount the extrusion to the end-plate and has slots for M3 nylock nuts. The smaller top cap is designed to use 2 M3 button head screws.
Attribution - Creative Commons
jimustanguitar - on 4/2/15
Almost forgot to mention... They're for GT2 belts, but ought to fit just about anything with a 2mm pitch since the profiles on clamps are less critical than for pulleys.
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