40mm Layer Fan Nozzle with printing support
ss (2015-02-04 at 07.29.13).jpg625 kBon 5/2/15 Download
shroud with supports_fixed.stl63.2 MBon 10/2/15 Download
[2-9-15 v2.3: I had to fix the support because it wouldn't detach.] I took some ideas from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:110305 and made my own version that works better with my E3D v6 and mounts easier in general. This layer fan mount fits one 40mm fan, and you can print 3 of them, one for each tab. The fan, depending on your setup, may blow a bit too much on the nozzle. My solution is to have a bit of aluminum foil carefully shrouding the nozzle and then attached with kapton tape. This prevents most of the cooling effects on the hotend while still allowing for direct airflow on filament and isn't hard to mount. Later, I may design a printable air barrier that will mount somehow around the nozzle, maybe with some LEDs. You can mount this with a single screw right on the usual mounting tab. The screw hole is sized 2.85mm for some bite with the screw. Bitbucket repo at: https://bitbucket.org/redoverred/40mm-fan-shroud-nozzle-type-for-rmv2
Print on the fat end with NO SUPPORT OR BRIM. Support is included already!. The support designed in this model will come off with a knife easily and without one it's just a bit harder. Model has been netfabb'ed.
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