Switch Adapter
switchadapter-rounded.stl52720 kBon 14/2/15 Download
switchadapterv1.stl54419 kBon 14/2/15 Download
img_3310.jpg5551.3 MBon 14/2/15 Download
img_3312.jpg6171 MBon 14/2/15 Download
img_3313.jpg621926 kBon 14/2/15 Download
img_3314.jpg544935 kBon 14/2/15 Download
img_3316.jpg5551.2 MBon 14/2/15 Download
For some reason, I did not have the "official" rocket switch for my Rostock, so, I have to adapt a lever switch I had at hand. There are two versions, one with rounded and other following the original shape of the Rostock.
Just download, modify if you want (included the .3dm files) and print. I printed them in PLA, 0.15 mm layer.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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