Rostock MAX v2 Spoolholder Adapter
Full Name Louis Dionne
Location Canada
spooladaptorrostockmax-v2.stl560488 kBon 23/2/15 Download
p_20150223_122042.jpg606875 kBon 23/2/15 Download
p_20150223_122127.jpg607979 kBon 23/2/15 Download
Adapter for the Rostock Max v2 spoolholder. (my first contribution) To be able to use the new larger straw based 1kg spools (as used by Will provide a smoother motion of the filament. Allows 2 such spools side by side. Support spools that are up 10in radius x 2in wide with a 2in diameter hole and smaller ones, by raising the spool off the printer. Loosely based on Cosmic's Spoolholder Adaptor.
Print ... install on the existing melamine holders - check for the notch inside the slot for orientation ... and Roll... I used the provided STANDARD quality settings on ABS. Printed upright, on the base end. Need to stick well to the glass.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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